how much?

Up to 6 persons:
1000,00 Euro for 3 nights (minimum) - 300,00 Euro/night additional days
2200,00 Euro for 1 week (7 nights) - 200,00 Euro/night additional days
3600,00 Euro for 2 weeks - 150,00 Euro/night additional days
4600,00 Euro for 3 weeks - 100,00 Euro/night additional days
5300,00 Euro for 1 month

From 7 up to8 persons:
400, 00 EU per night – minimum 3 nights
2500, 00 EU for one week (seven nights) - 250 EU per additional night

It is possible to hire this apartment for longer periods in which case the price is negotiable, depending on the length of the stay.

what is included

The above prices include the use of linen, cleaning at the end of stay or weekly, unlimited use of broadband internet .
When the keys of the apartment are handed over, the sum of 500 EU is required as a cautionary deposit to be returned after the apartment is vacated less the cost of any damage.

methods of payment

For a stay of 3 nights:
payment of the entire sum is to be made by bank transfer at the time of the booking and it is not refundable in the event of cancellation.

For stays of longer than 3 nights:
25% to be paid at the time of booking
75% to be paid in cash at the handover of the keys on arrival
while in the event of cancellation the sum paid at the time of booking is not refundable.

  • Utility:
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  • How to reach us (pdf)